3D parts: get them right first time, every time.

Cost-effective design & calculation solutions for 3D parts.

Probe: your 3D part assistant

Probe uses 3D part recognition models built on artificial neural networks to search and analyse your technical data, extracting knowledge that allows you to optimise your Quality-Cost-Delivery performance.

Probe enables product designers and process developers to incorporate best practices and feedbacks specific to each 3D part into that part’s DNA. Probe’s search algorithms use 3D part geometry to identify relevant documents in technical databases.

By searching databases for appropriate parts, together with their accompanying best practice and feedback, Probe unlocks your in-house potential:

  • Design robust new parts
  • Develop new, optimised processes at minimal cost
  • Cut the number of product/process iterations
  • Minimise the amount of raw material used for each part
  • Evaluate project costs – precisely and well upstream in the process

BrightClue innovation

Our researchers are working at the cutting edge of geometric Deep Learning algorithms, delivering unique solutions to analyse technical databases.

These Deep Learning algorithms allow us to provide highly detailed analysis of 3D part geometry.

Combined with ranking Machine Learning models, our Deep Learning models are the backbone of our Probe solution.

Use our range of Machine Learning models to leverage technical databases:

  • Calculate part cost price with extreme accuracy
  • Predict manufacturing processes
  • Extract the information that’s relevant to you.

All AI models developed by BrightClue can be tailored to your data, meeting your specific needs.


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